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PayEx Lärosäteskonto FAQ

We have updated our terms and conditions 1 November 2018, due to the termination of service on 31 December 31 2018.

For new customers registering for a PayEx Lärosäteskonto, these terms and conditions will apply immediately, and for existing customers, these terms will be effective from 1 December 2018.

The updated General Terms and Conditions can be found at

If you do not accept the new terms and conditions, you are entitled to terminate your agreement immediately and free of charge.

What is PayEx Lärosäteskonto?

PayEx Lärosäteskonto is an “electronic wallet” account service, into which you can deposit money through a card payment, and then use to pay for printing and copying at Swedish seats of learning. The service is free of charge for users. Previous functionality to transfer money to other users ended 1/12/2017, and the possibility to make payments to affiliated merchants ended 31/12/2017, with exceptions for Swedish seats of learning.

You need to login to view your balance. The same applies to deposit or withdraw money. The money you have deposited in your PayEx Account is covered by deposit insurance from the Swedish National Debt Office (Sw. “Riksgälden”). Learn more about the deposit insurance at

Is PayEx Lärosäteskonto the same as PayEx Konto?

PayEx Lärosäteskonto used to be called PayEx Account until 11/9/2018. The PayEx Account name is now used for a different PayEx service, a credit account service.

What is my user name/password?

The user and login name is the e-mail address provided and verified when registering. If you have forgotten your password, try to receive an onetime code to your registered e-mail address. If you have other problems logging in, please contact us at

I have made a withdrawal, when will I receive the money?

When a withdrawal is made from your PayEx Lärosäteskonto it can take up to 3-5 days before you can access the money on your personal bank account. If you haven’t received any money, you are welcome to contact us for support.

I can’t access my PayEx Lärosäteskonto

If you can’t access your PayEx Lärosäteskonto, start by making sure that you are using the correct email. If you are uncertain or don’t know which email your account is registered with, please contact us for support. If you have forgotten your password, you can easily reset this at Remember to type in the temporary access code that you will receive, do not copy the code, copying the code might cause problems with the log in. Avoid making this procedure while using your mobile phone, use a computer instead. If you are located outside Scandinavia, you won’t be able to access your account. Please contact us at and we will help you.


PayEx does not charge any fees after 2017-12-01 for this service.

How do I close my PayEx Lärosäteskonto

In order to close your account you the balance need to be 0. E-mail us your user name, preferably from the registered e-mail address, and write “Avsluta konto” in the subject line. If there is money in your account, hence balance is greater than 0, you first need to withdraw that money before e-mailing us to close the account.

How do I make a withdrawal if my bank does not support IBAN?

If your bank does not support IBAN, withdrawals can be made by filling out the form below and sending it with a copy of a valid ID attached, to the following postal address:

PayEx Sverige AB
Omni Channel
S:t Hansplan 1
621 88 Visby

Withdrawal form