About Cookies

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file the website stores on your computer. It can not cause any harm and it does not contain any virus. Cookies are used on a lot of websites to give you, the visitor, access to different functionalities. It is possible to use the information in a cookie to track how a visitors on a website navigates and what choices the visitor makes during the visit.

Cookies on PayEx websites

There are different kinds of cookies. PayEx uses so called session cookies and tracking cookies on its websites (payex.se, payex.no, payex.dk, payex.fi, payex.com).

In what purpose are PayEx using cookies?

PayEx uses persistent cookies and session cookies in ways described below. The information in these cookies are only connected to your computer (using your ip-adress) and your visit to PayEx websites.

PayEx also uses third party cookies from trusted suppliers (More info below), one reason is too analyze usage to aid future product development and for our customer service functionality.

PayEx also uses cookies to improve the user experience.

Session cookies

Session cookies does not have an expire date. That means that the session cookies are temporarily on the computer’s memory when using a website. The session cookie is not stored and is removed when you close the browser.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are stored for a longer pre-determined time on your computer (90 days). It is, amongst other things, used to recognize your computer and the choices you made from previous visits to the website.

Tracking cookies from third party

Tracking cookies gather statistics that are used to improve PayEx webpage and offer. We use Google Analytics as our web statistic tool. Google Analytics tracking cookies gather the following statistics.

  • Tracking cookies used to calculate the number of unique visitors on a website. This type of cookie expires after two years.
  • Tracking cookies used to calculate number of visits on a website. This type of cookie expires after 30 minutes.
  • Tracking cookies that is used to determine if a new visit is done from a user that previous has visited the website. This type of cookie expire when the browser is closed.
  • Tracking cookies that are used to track sources and navigation on the webpage. This type of cookie expires when the browser is closed.

Consent for cookies on PayEx websites

According to the Electronic Communication Act everyone who visits a website shall receive information about cookies and why they are used. The visitors consent is required if cookies are not necessary to provide the service the visitors has required. Consent is given by accepting cookies in the browser and cookie banner.

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